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"Pietro Rizzuto, son of my brother Giuseppe, represents the fourth generation of that Pietro Rizzuto, my grandfather, who, in contravention of the rules of the time which wanted the olive trees "chiantati ni li mali terre", in 1927 planted an olive grove of Biancolilla and Cerasuola in the best soils of mouth of barley". Today Pietro brilliantly continues the tradition and management of the company with the new planting of the Nocellara del Belice cultivar with a production of organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.   
                                                                                                                            "Zio Pietro"

Le nostre Cultivar


Cerasuola is certainly among the most widespread cultivars in the whole Sicilian territory. The production areas of this variety, in fact, cover large sectors of the western side of the region, in particular in the province of Trapani, Palermo and in the district of Sciacca where, due to its strong sensitivity to mange attacks, it is also called Purrittara . These olives have an exclusively oil-making vocation and, thanks to the excellent ratio between pulp and stone, the yield is quite high as it can even reach quotas of 20%.

Nocellara del Belice

The Nocellara del Belice represents a very valuable cultivar and is, among the native Sicilian varieties, probably one of the most esteemed ever, so much so that in 1998 it obtained the DOP (protected designation of origin) certification. Present in Sicily for several centuries (probably already in the times of Magna Graecia), this cultivar is excellent both for the production of extra virgin olive oil and for table consumption, thanks also to its very large size. Nocellara trees are not very large but have a certain ability to adapt to the most varied environmental conditions. 


The Biancolilla olive trees stand out for their majesty. In fact, they are very vigorous plants, whose trunk develops rather broadly and whose foliage tends to expand both in height and in width. This cultivar is disposable: in fact, it is not used for table consumption but is highly appreciated for oil production. Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil is considered very valuable and is very suitable for sale. By pressing the olives of this cultivar, an oil is obtained that contains many of the typical flavors of Sicilian food production. Green or straw yellow in color with vaguely golden hues, this oil is in fact characterized by a light fruity, slightly spicy and very aromatic aroma in which the fragrances of almond, tomato and artichoke are perceived combined with flavors of fresh grass and green olives, even if there may be differences according to the subtype and according to the pollinators adopted. 

La Raccolta

In the months between October and November, noting the exact moment of ripening in order to guarantee and maintain all the qualities, the olive harvest begins. It takes place exclusively through the latest generation of mechanical equipment. For harvesting we use manual harvesters and shakers and the spreading of the nets takes place via a hydraulic roller attached to the tractor which facilitates its positioning and at the same time reduces the daily effort. The harvested olive is placed in special plastic boxes ready for milling.

La Molitura

The pressing of our olives takes place through a Cold Extraction process no later than 12/14 hours from harvesting. With cold extraction, the oil never exceeds a temperature of 27°C. It is measured throughout the extraction process using probes which ensure that it never rises above. It also allows you to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil, preserving all the properties of the olives, the amount of minerals, vitamins and antioxidant substances for the body. After pressing, the oil is immediately bottled and consequently does not lose its organoleptic characteristics. What we offer you is an Italian extra virgin olive oil with excellent qualities. To maximize the olive-growing heritage, the company aims to enhance the native cultivars of Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara del Belice which, together with the centuries-old olive groves, are the company's pride. From these trees will be born our best extra virgin...